Our Vision

MBT is committed to achieving best practice for the Building and Construction Industry.

MBT is not a branch of any other Master Builders Association. With over 600 member companies, we service the whole spectrum of building activity from multi-million dollar commercial and industrial projects to housing and home repairs.

Membership is open to ALL qualified business operators in the building and construction industry, regardless of their size or industry sector.

Why is MBT’s vision so important?

It contains a strong commitment to development in Tasmania by the major stakeholders in the building and construction industry. Through leadership, MBT offers investors the collective and united resources of architects, builders, specialist sub-contractors, engineers, designers and other professionals - people who you can reliably depend upon for your project’s success. People we know who respect us.

Our industry is inter-dependent upon one-another and we rely upon quality workmanship, professionalism, ethical business practices and a shared commitment to work together as a project team to produce the right products for our clients at a fair price.

MBT is your first point of reference for anything to do with the property investment industry, whether buying or building a new home, factory or multi-million dollar commercial development. It is a networking tool of people and services that you can trust.

Members of MBT have a proven track record and we stand behind and back our members to do the right thing by you.

We take pride in our ability to achieve the best for our clients, and to encourage economic and social growth within our state. If you share these ideals, then you are welcome to join as part of our family and help in building Tasmania.