Work Health & Safety

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Plan

A WHS Management Plan is a document designed to help you to systematically manage Work Health and Safety. The systems and procedures within this document address your responsibilities as an employer under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 and help you achieve the following outcomes:

Prevention/reduction of illness and injury equally for employees and contractors;

  • Identification of workplace hazards, assessment and control of risks
  • Active involvement in health and safety matters by managers, supervisors and employees and their representatives and
  • Provision for Work Health and Safety information and training for employees at all levels.

An effective WHS Management Plan requires;

  • Demonstrated commitment by all stakeholders, but in particular the commitment of owners and senior management
  • Demonstrated commitment to control and reduce incidents by monitoring hazards and continually reviewing the process
  • Demonstrated commitment to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and visitors
  • Demonstrated commitment to promote health and safety in the workplace and
  • A demonstrated commitment to provide training and appropriate supervision

MBT can provide members with a fee-for-service assistance in formulating a WHS Management Plan and implementing it in your workplace.

Contact:  Mrs Wendy Bridges (Commercial Manager) - (03)  6210 2000.