Industrial Relations

The Association works to represent members in industrial negotiations, and inform them of essential data:

  • Calculation of Award Wage Rates
  • Advice on:
    • Fair Work Commission - Modern Awards
    • National Employment Standards (NES)
    • Superannuation
    • Site Amenities
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Long Service Leave
    • Union Membership
    • Redundancy/Restructures
    • Anticipated increases in Labour Costs
    • Enterprise Agreements
    • Letters of Engagements
    • Free Sample Policies for Members - i.g. mobile 'phone usage, drugs & alcohol, social media usage
    • People and Case ManagementTips
  • Provision of:
    • Awards and other industrial information (e.g. rates of pay, conditions, holidays etc)
    • Updating service covering awards rates and conditions
    • Representation of individual members in trade union disputes
    • Assistance with representation of individuals at tribunals and of the industry before an industry tribunal

CLICK HERE to access the Fair Work Information Statement (last update July 2018) - By Law, Employers must ensure that a copy of the FWIS is given to all new employees

CLICK HERE to access the Fair Work Act 2009