Contract Services

Contracts are vital for builders and sub-contractors in the industry, but they are complicated documents for the inexperienced or untrained.

MBT is available to assist Members with contractual problems, tender documents and cost adjustment formulae, etc.

The Association makes frequent representations to state government departments, local authorities and other planning bodies to alleviate Members' problems arising from policy decisions or interpretations.

Staff also monitor, analyse and communicate to members the significance and possible ramifications of new legislation introduced through both state and federal parliament.

Services include:

  • Advice on the correct contract documents to use
  • Assistance to complete contract documents
  • Interpretation of clauses in contract documents
  • Review and advice on contract documents not produced by MBT
  • Assistance and advice on contractual disputes
  • Calculation and/or checking of cost adjustment (rise and fall claims)
  • Quarterly material and labour indexes required to calculate rise and fall claims
  • Costing rates
  • Advice on contractual problems
  • An extensive range of standard head contract and sub-contract documents
  • Mediation/reconciliation of disputes
  • An extensive range of miscellaneous contract documents
  • Advice on partnering
  • Lodgment of intrastate and interstate tenders for members