Pathways into the Building & Construction Industry


Master Builders Tasmania delivers an annual educational programme promoting the Building and Construction Industry to secondary students in schools throughout Tasmania.

This has been a very successful programme and provides information to students as to the merits in pursuing a career in the construction industry. We are seeing the results of this programme with a resurgence of young people applying for an apprenticeship - knowing this can lead to a very successful career.

MBT is delivering its thirteenth year (in 2018) of its Pathways into the Building and Construction Industry program to secondary students state-wide. MBT sees this as an endorsement of the acceptance and ongoing success of the program with Tasmanian High Schools.  MBT acknowledges the involvement of the TBCITB in this increasingly important program of seeking to encourage more young people to choose a career in the building and construction industry.

The presentations outline the vast range of viable career options to students and provide the tools for students to use to investigate and follow the different pathways. 

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The 2018 Pathways delivery to schools commenced in July and with all sessions to be completed by the middle of September. MBT has established an on-going relationship with the schools and Pathways is now a recognised annual event on their calendars, reflected in the positive responses received.

The programme is co-ordinated by Master Builders Tasmania (MBT) and receives funding support from the Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board (TBCITB).

The programme was established to meet the following aims:

  • to better inform students and parents about the variety of career options in the Building and Construction Industry
  • to promote the industry, not only with the targeted school students, but also with career councillors, parents, teachers and any other parties involved with the presentations
  • to continually address any potential labour and skills shortage in the Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry and to ensure that the Industry itself plays a role in attracting young people to a career in building and construction

The presentation at the schools will include a short overview of industry careers and the steps to take to secure your chosen pathway.

Information on some of the different careers in the Building and Construction Industry can be obtained by contacting Master Builders Tasmania - see details below.
Please call Master Builders Tasmania if you have any questions on careers in the industry
Head Office:   Level 5, 116 Bathurst Street, HOBART.
Telephone:     6210 2000