Master Builders Tasmania welcome's State Budget

27 May 2016

Prudent State Budget 2016-2017

Master Builders Tasmania welcomes today's State Budget. The bid to rein in the State's spending over the last few years has paid dividends with the budget projected to be in surplus next year despite the Government committing to a very large capital works program for 2016/17.

Mr Michael Kerschbaum, Executive Director of Master Builders Tasmania (MBT) stated, "There is no doubt that the building and construction industry will be a major beneficiary out of today’s Budget, with the Government committing to big spending initiatives in the education and affordable housing space. These commitments are in addition to the doubling of the First Home Builders Boost announced yesterday."

He continued, "There are other smaller areas such as the small business assistance program, apprentice training incentives and spending on planning reform. However the headline issue for the industry is definitely the $113 million capital investment in upgrades to schools, colleges and TasTAFE training facilities. This huge package of work will need to be rolled out in conjunction with industry to ensure the Government receives the best value-for-money given the high level of commercial activity at the moment."

Mr Kerschbaum added, "With the combined injection of the $60 million affordable housing initiative and the doubling of the First Home Builders Boost, house builders will also be celebrating. These two initiatives will see dwelling approvals rise sharply and re-ignite the entire residential sector."

Mr Kerschbaum concluded, “Overall this is a great budget which delivers on many fronts. The only disappointment is that the Government has not taken the opportunity to re-instate the payroll tax relief for apprentices. Without payroll tax relief for apprentices our industry continues to pay a tax on training which is wrong."

For further comment contact Michael Kerschbaum (w) 6210 2000 or (m) 0438 343 810

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